A house divided…..a reflection.

by Hiland Rose

We are a nation divided.  The divisions are reflected in our politics, but more disturbingly in our culture.  We live in a society that hungers to find equality in all things, like wages, like in marriage, but fails miserably in honoring the right to life.  On one side you have those who fight for the right to keep abortion legal but want to control guns to stop the carnage of mass shootings of school children, while on the other you have those who are fighting to end legal abortion and want no limits put on any types of firearms, whatsoever.  The same people “politicizing” a school shooting in Oregon, calling for an end to violence against young people, are the same ones refusing to acknowledge the carnage of Planned Parenthood revealed in all it’s heinous callousness in ten videos released by a man haunted by what he’d known.  In fact, the media has joined in the silence, trying to bury it all in the headlines.

This double standard, that refuses to truly protect the weak and the vulnerable is tearing our society apart.  It’s tearing my heart into pieces too…

I’ve been spending a couple hours every Friday in front of our local PP clinic praying with my son and getting to know a small but very strong community here in Colorado Springs.  Today I stood with people I’d not seen in a while, and people whom I knew nothing of until this 40 days for Life event… people who in the eyes of the world are small, insignificant.. even perhaps foolish… but there we were, drawing attention, praying for an end to the practice of child sacrifice to convenience, money and fear.  I take my fourteen year old son with me, and my two month old daughter.  I’ve been called brave for doing it… I don’t know about that.  But I do know that my son is no longer ashamed to pray out loud in front of people.  I do know that he looks around and sees people, even the ones cursing us, as people… we are learning together to forgive them, to pray for them.  It is a remarkable and beautiful thing…it really is!  Hearing his voice, still high and boyish, but strong praying those ancient prayers with me melted my heart and lifted my spirits in a way that nothing else could.

Do I believe I’ll ever see our society change? Maybe not in my lifetime. (I’m a realist and I know that God doesn’t force people to love Him.)   People have become too cold, too divided.  But maybe, just maybe it’ll be in my son’s generation.  I do know, until we once again respect life “from womb to tomb” and embrace those who are deemed useless, as our brothers and sisters in Christ, nothing is going to get better, no matter how many laws and regulations come down on us.

Today’s gospel galvanized me in my mission,  “Are not five sparrows sold for two small coins? The eyes of the Father are upon them.  Fear not, for every hair on your head is numbered, you are worth more than many sparrows.  Fear not the one who can kill the body only, but the one who when he kills the body, can cast into Gehenna the soul as well.”  I fear no persecution, should it happen, it means that I’m doing what God has asked me and the Enemy doesn’t like it.  We already live on the edge as it is.  I can no longer be silent, an observer who writes a check once in awhile… It is time to be fully committed.  Join me in prayer for our divided and heart broken nation.  We are lost and wandering while the only real guiding light is being carefully ignored.  Pray with me for a changing of minds and hearts, a call back to what made us great in the first place.


From my heart to yours,

This mouse that roars

The Hiland rose